Ways To Snack

Where and when does your snack attack hit?

We get it! The urge to snack can hit anytime … anywhere.
When and where does your snack attack hit?


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After school

Schools out and the kids are starving. Be prepared with travel-ready snacks in the car or stock the pantry with these kid-approved after-school snacks.

At the Gym

Looking for a quick energy boost before your workout? Stash a pack of these snacks in your gym bag and go for the gold.

On the trail

Ready to hit the trail? Stock your backpack with these trail-worthy snacks for that mid-hike pick-me-up. Don’t forget to grab your water bottle. Happy trails to you!

During my commute

Need a portable breakfast option for your morning commute? These bite-sized beauties will fuel you up and let you keep your eye on the road. Don’t forget to buckle up!

At the office

Yep! It’s 3 p.m. and you're looking around for some way to fend off that late afternoon snack attack. Stash your favorite Creative Snack in your desk and avoid the mad dash to the vending machine.

At the beach

Add these convenient, travel-ready snacks to your beach bag and you’re set to relax and enjoy the view a little longer.

Late-night TV snack

Skip the chips and pull out your secret stash of better-for-you snacks hidden in your nightstand. These guilt-free snacks might just be your new best friend.