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You may have noticed that many of our Creative Snacks are certified kosher snacks. If you are the curious type, you may have always wondered what makes one food kosher and another non-kosher. Or maybe you’re a Nosher (Yiddish for snacker) surfing around to find new kosher snacks or kosher snack recipes. Either way, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about kosher foods, find links to great kosher snack recipes or, let us do the cooking and check out our delicious kosher snacks.

Eating Kosher Then and Now

Kosher dietary laws originated more than 3,000 years ago. These laws, outlined in the Torah, describe in great detail what foods Jewish people can eat, what they cannot eat and how food must be prepared.

“For centuries, kosher consumers ate home-cooked meals, prepared with fresh food from the trusted butcher, baker, fisherman and farmer.” – OK Laboratories

And while the laws haven’t really changed since Moses brought down the law from Mount Sinai to the Jewish people, modern food preparation technology, the rapid rise of grocery store chains in the 20th century and the desire to take advantage of more convenient, processed foods can make eating out and staying Kosher a challenge.

Kosher Food Simplified

There is nothing simple about Kosher dietary laws. But since this article is meant as a general introduction to Kosher foods and, more specifically Kosher Snacks, we’ll just cover the basics.

The word kosher (Hebrew kashér) means pure, proper, suitable for consumption. To many Jews, following the letter of the law regarding kosher foods is a very spiritual practice. For others, it is more about food safety and health. In its most simplified form, there are three main types of Kosher food:

  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Parve (food that is not meat or dairy like fish, eggs and plant-based foods)

The bottom line is that in a kosher setting, you cannot have meat and dairy in the same meal. This is such a serious issue to kosher consumers that even the dishes, bowls, pots, pans, utensils and equipment you use to prepare kosher food must be kept separate.

The third category, parve, can be eaten with either meat or dairy. Again, the items used to prepare parve must not touch meat or dairy without sacrificing their kosher status. In general, parve (or kosher neutral) foods include:

  • Grains and breads – most are considered kosher unless they use animal-based oils or dairy.
  • Fruits and vegetables – must be inspected and found to be free of insects
  • Nuts, seeds, and oils – as whole foods, these are usually kosher unless the way they are processed is compromised with non-kosher equipment.
  • Fish – with a few exceptions, most fish are considered kosher

And while that covers the basics, there are many additional restrictions, especially during specific religious feasts and holidays, not covered here. See the related links section at the end of the article to dive deeper.

Kosher Certification

To ensure that the food you buy at the grocery store or online meets kosher guidelines, many food product developers have chosen to partner with an independent kosher certification company to make sure their ingredients and food preparation processes follow the letter of the law.

Making sure the food you eat is kosher is not easy. Specific systems in kosher certified facilities and the labeling systems they adopt give consumers confidence that the products they are buying are truly kosher. There are many kosher certified labels that tell consumers if what they are buying includes:

  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Parve (neutral)
  • Suitable for Passover

Learn more about kosher certifying labels here.

Kosher Certified Snacks

Creative Snacks bakeries produce a wide variety of certified kosher snacks. Each of our product pages states clearly which products are kosher certified and list all the ingredients making them kosher-friendly., one of the largest kosher food certification companies, lists 60 of our snacks as kosher certified.

Here are a few of our favorite kosher snacks:

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Great Homemade Kosher Recipes

Are you looking for a great kosher snack recipe to impress your friends (or your new boyfriend’s Jewish mother) with? Cooking kosher is not as hard as it looks. Check out the amazing kosher recipes on The Nosher website. The pictures are beautiful. The instructions are clear and guaranteed to make you (and your guests) drool.

Meringue-Topped Apple Pie Bars Recipe

One of the yummy kosher recipes on The Nosher website, this Rosh Hashanah tray bake looks amazing.

You might also want to check out the kosher snack recipes on Best Kosher Recipes or post a comment below to share your favorite kosher snack recipe.

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